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Transform how you build inclusive workplaces

Discover how The Jasmar Group uses behavioural design 

to drive faster progress towards diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We’re Changing Behaviour, Culture and Performance

(and your bottom line)

Make better talent decisions

by designing processes that interrupt bias

Increase innovation

through team belonging

Build employee engagement

by co-designing solutions with employees

Benefit from diverse thinking

by selecting and developing transformational leaders

Accelerate a culture shift

by building inclusive

team habits

Amplify everyone’s voice

by equipping leaders to have inclusive conversations

Behaviour First.

Mindsets will Follow.

Our Behaviour-First Inclusion framework delivers results that count. We don’t rely on changing mindsets or good intentions.  Instead, we design for inclusive team habits and to interrupt bias in people processes.

Our Approach:


Our solutions are rooted in scientific evidence

Think Small

Small wins are the building blocks for meaningful change


Inclusion for everyone, by everyone

Focus on Teams

Psychologically safe teams drive a culture shift from the middle out

Build Habits

Embed BAM behaviours (Belonging, Autonomy, Mastery) 

Elevate Talent

Diversity increases when we build and reward good leaders

The Jasmar Group - Diversity & Inclusion Consultants


The Jasmar Approach


My team and I had an excellent experience working with Sylvia at The Jasmar Group. Her expertise in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, her insight, and her genuine interest in our success is appreciated.

Andrew Barker, Director, Institutional Research, University of Waterloo.



Chock full of evidence-based insights to reach your inclusion goals, faster.

Dear Jasmar

The advice column for your stickiest D+I questions.

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