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How We Help You

Changing Behaviour,
Culture and Performance

Strategy Design

We Solve Diversity + Inclusion’s Stickiest Problems

We design evidence-based and employee-centred solutions to make inclusion work, for all of us.

No more standalone diversity and inclusion initiatives that yield little result. Jasmar’s Behaviour-First Inclusion Framework recognizes that inclusion thrives in an interconnected system. Our approach combines behavioural science and design thinking to ensure your solutions work, for everyone.


We create a shared understanding of your business strategy and

ideal future state.


We’ve discovered the most urgent issues. We now prioritize where to act to drive inclusive behaviours.


We uncover behaviours that may be working at cross- purposes to your business goals.


We embed inclusive habits and cascade the strategy through guided, leader-led conversations.

Strategy Design

We Make Inclusion Stick!

Process Design

We Solve Diversity + Inclusion’s Stickiest Problems

We bring behavioural science and design thinking together to create employee-centred, breakthrough solutions.

We focus on changing process, not people. We work with you to identify where critical recruitment and talent decisions are made. Then, we redesign processes that prompt – or nudge – people to make more inclusive decisions without relying on changing mindsets or good intentions.

The Jasmar B.E.S.T. Framework:


What is the behaviour to change?


Why is the behaviour happening?


Design for inclusion using scientific evidence.


Build and Experiment.

Process Design
Term Performance

Team Performance

Amplify Everyone’s Voice

We create optimally performing, diverse-thinking teams for 21 st century innovation.

You believe in collective intelligence and agree that diversity of thinking can enhance group performance. But how?

Our evidence-based solutions ensure you’re putting the right mix of people on your team and fostering the BAM
behaviours (belonging, autonomy, mastery) to promote psychological safety, for everyone.

Team Composition: Getting the Mix Right

How do you choose your teams: based on convenience or with a recipe? Our algorithms diagnose cognitive and surface-level diversity and recommend the right mix for your team’s innovation challenges.

Team Performance: Building Connection

You may have the right mix of diversity, but are rifts between team members limiting innovation? Are team members’ BAM needs being met? Our diagnosis pinpoints the issues and we customize behaviour-based learning to get your team back on track.


High Performing Teams

Diversity of Thought

Amplify Everyone's Voice

Meet Psychological Needs




Elevate Leadership

Embed Transformational Leadership

We elevate leadership standards and, in the process, achieve more diversity in your leadership.

The workplace has changed, yet the view on what it takes to be a leader has not. Stereotypes, bias, and incompetence are weaved into competency models, costing team performance and bottom-line results. We cut through the noise of leadership theories and embed the right skills for the 21 st century.

Leader Assessment: Finding the Right Skills

We conduct a 360˚ assessment to discover if your leaders have the skills so that talent, ideas, and ingenuity surface and drive business performance.

Leadership Criteria: Raising the Bar

We strengthen your talent process and raise leadership competencies so that you hire, promote, and reward better leaders, faster.


Builds Trust

Acts with Integrity Encourages Innovation Develops People

Workers’ Psychological Needs are Met


Better Outcomes





Elevate Leadership
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Habit Mastery Leads to Culture Mastery

We help leaders dial into those small, subtle moments and send inclusive signals that count.


BAM Leader Programs are uniquely designed for leaders to identify and practice specific behaviours that build team belonging, autonomy, and mastery. We cascade inclusion quickly through the organization using Jasmar’s Habit Builder, an easy-to-use technology designed to promote small, everyday habits and equip leaders to have guided conversations with their teams. 

Leadership Programs include:

Become a Belonging Architect

Nudge and Design Your Inclusive Team

Interrupt Bias to Make Better People Decisions

Grow Empathy Through Play

Lead Meetings that Work, for Everyone

Give Meaningful Feedback


We inspire action. We create curiosity. Our passion is contagious.

Whether you seek to inspire change makers at a leadership summit or a powerful keynote, we have you covered. Our customized speaking engagements are aimed to help you move the dial towards inclusion.  

Topics include:

Make Diversity and Inclusion Stick:

Disrupt The Status Quo With Behavioural Design


How Good People Fight Bias

Achieving an Inclusive Talent System:

What is a Nudge?

 Accelerate Inclusion through a Middle Out Culture Shift

Transformational Leadership:

The Path to Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

BAM: Amplify Everyone’s Voice with Belonging, Autonomy, and Mastery



Sylvia provides incredible insights and is highly knowledgeable in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. As an innovator and expert in this field, she has the ability to take a complex topic and make it understandable. As I have gotten to know Sylvia,

I am impressed with her desire to support organizational change, while being solutions based and forward thinking in her approach.

Sharon Ramalho, Former Chief People Officer, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.

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